Of course, here at Mitanium Washrooms we provide one of the best ideas when it comes to getting hitched in the great outdoors (our choice of luxury toilets to furnish any outside venue with the luxuries of indoor facilities, that is), but here are just five theme ideas we also happen think make great ones when planning to wed outside. 

Festival Theme 

The outdoor wedding is synonymous in Britain with a festival style wedding. Hence, an outdoor wedding that takes place in a field surrounded by stunning countryside and a distinct lack of civilisation, this provides the perfect excuse to go wild when it comes to entertainment. So, why not, instead of hiring just one band, create a dream music line up and turn up the volume. 
What is more, a festival style wedding means that you decide the tunes and line up, ensuring that guests of all ages and some of those who might otherwise never go to or have been to a music festival get to enjoy all the most exciting aspects of doing so whilst also getting to bask in the unifying atmosphere a festival (and so festival themed wedding) creates – and all without foregoing the modern creatures comforts of good food and real washroom facilities. 
Further, a festival themed wedding opens up a whole world of ideas as to how to extend the theme into all aspects of your wedding planning, from opting to send festival pass wedding invites ahead of the big day and to be worn on it to having some fun with challenging your bridesmaids to find some florally themed wellingtons to match your wedding flowers and bouquets. 
For even more ideas how to plan the perfect festival wedding give those provided via the One Fab Day Wedding Ideas website a read. 

An Enchanted Forest Theme 

There is something undeniably magical about forests, dells and woodlands, even long after we have grown old enough to stop hunting the woods for fairies. Then, the enchanted forest wedding theme is one which has grown in popularity over the years, not least as trees provide great cover should the heavens open whilst also creating a real sense of intimacy and natural charm. Plus, there is nothing quite like a tree for hanging fairy lights from, it must be said. 
For ideas as to how to decorate an outdoor area for an enchanted forest themed wedding, enchanted forest wedding cake ideas and much more, give the article: Ideas for Your Enchanted Forest Wedding, published via the Let’s Get Weddy website a look. If the ideas don’t take your fancy, the pictures are sure to send your imagination into overdrive. 

A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Reception 

‘Those Who Don’t Believe in Magic Will Never Find it’ – Alice in Wonderland 
Nobody is too old to indulge in a mad hatter’s tea party. What’s more, a Mad Hatter tea party themed wedding provides not only a very possible but a potentially exciting, magical, whimsical twist on a traditional English tea party theme that can turn a marquee into a world of vivid colour, sensual delight and make choosing an outfit as a guest a brilliantly freeing excuse to wear something more creative than conservative. 
Hence, and to paraphrase another of Lewis Carol famous quotes from the much loved classic: if you think a mad hatter inspired tea party is an ‘entirely bonkers’ theme ‘I’ll tell you a secret…all the best people are’…and so too are their weddings. So, suspend your disbelief and give what is a truly magical and wonderfully ‘bonkers’ theme a think. 
Meanwhile, for those who have already fallen down the rabbit hole and whose heads are quickly filling with ideas as to how to create their very own wedding wonderland, you can further add to your own ideas via the Confetti Dreams website and their 20 DIY Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Wedding Ideas & Inspiration 

Wishes Wedding Theme 

Almost all Brits’ will remember plucking dandelion clocks during childhood and making a wish as they blew the archenes into the air to watch their wishes take to the skies. Then, one amazing way, in adulthood, to recapture that magical moment and realise you wishes on your wedding day, and when embarking on your next great adventure in life, is to recreate that magic by throwing a wishes themed wedding. 
Rather though than hunting for dandelion clocks at your outdoor wedding, instead shop for sky lanterns (which can be easily purchased and are 100% biodegradable and eco friendly when purchased via the Wish Lantern website) and furnish your guests with a pencil, ‘leaf’ of paper to tie in with your nature orientated outdoor theme and upon which they can write their wishes and their very own lantern. Then, attach each wish (whether you choose to share them or keep them secret as many of us did as kids) and release your lanterns into the heavens. 
A truly magical gesture and outdoor wedding entertainment option, sky lanterns also look aesthetically awing and light even a starless sky up instantly. What is more, giving guests their own sky lantern with which to make their wishes is an ideal wedding favour for those planning an outdoor wedding and way to bring together families. 

Off With A Bang! Wedding Theme 

Last but not least, for those who want their big day to go off with a bang, fireworks provide the perfect answer and have long been a much loved way by which us Brits top off celebrations. Then, loved by both adults and children alike and visually representing the intense emotions, fizzing excitement and sense of being about ready to burst with happiness at having finally reached your ‘big day’, fireworks are a great addition to any outdoor wedding event and can be either used as a form of outdoor entertainment whatever your theme or even used around which to build an entire theme for your wedding day. For themes like this, hiring an LED video screen from someone such as Pro System Services is also the perfect way to add that extra special bang to your big day! 
When used a theme, sparklers can also be given as wedding favours and used to write sentiments such as love in the night sky. Alternatively, you might also want to consider purchasing sparklers bearing their own sentiments and symbols, such as those sold by Partyrama whose sparklers come bent into shapes such as love hearts, numbers, letters and stars. 
Are you feeling inspired? Then it’s time to get planning the most special day of your life. While you’re making your arrangements, don’t forget to plan for toilet facilities for your guests. We offer luxury toilet hire that is perfect for all events, so contact us today to find out more. 
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