Here at Mitanium Washroomswe happen to believe every outdoor event or party and its guests are worthy of luxury toilets, of course. But as we had to pick just a handful, here are our five outdoor events for which it is definitely worth splashing out on luxury washroom facilities. 

Outdoor Weddings 

Suffice to say, even a festival styled outdoor wedding will need to veer away from being too authentic when it comes to providing toilet facilities, especially if you hope to get off to a good start or remain on speaking terms with your new in-laws. 
To add an extra special touch to Mitanium Washrooms used at an outdoor wedding, further consider tailoring the colours and artwork featured within them to fit and match your theme or wedding colour. Meanwhile, to learn about our ‘wedding loos with a difference’, how to hire them and exactly what makes them different, visit out dedicated wedding toilet page. 

Outdoor Charity Fundraisers 

Like weddings, charity fundraising events are likely to attract a broad and diverse spectrum of people. It is also likely that a percentage of those attending will have specific needs and / or potentially disability or mobility issues which could mean thinking more conscientiously and with more sensitivity about the facilities you hire. 
After all, fundraising events are one type of event where going to the length of providing spacious and well equipped portable facilities over basic ‘portable toilet’ style cubicles is definitely worthwhile. 
This is especially true as any fundraising event relies on a good turn out to make money for its intended cause or charity and an event which fails to provide adequate toilet facilities is one at which people and families are unlikely to stick around for long. 

Street Parties 

Street parties are an age old British tradition, and a much loved one. Of course when organising or throwing a street party it is entirely possible to simply rely on those living on and in the nearby streets to open their homes up for those needing to use the bathroom facilities, and traditionally this is of course what most often happened. 
In 2016 though and with people travelling to and from street parties from all over and parties usually being promoted to the masses via social media most have a far larger and more diverse turn out than fifty years ago. Therefore, it is also likely that not everyone will know exactly who each other are. 
For that reason, it is a good idea to at least consider investing in hiring some portable washrooms. Better yet, club together as a community to afford this luxury and not only will it impress your guests, but it will also prevent the need to have people traipsing in and out of your home to use the loo. 

Outdoor Parties 

Throwing an outdoor party is currently trending big time. Whether planned to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or simply the great British summer, folk across Britain are busy upcycling or simply upturning wooden crates, coving them with a nice gingham table cloth and scattering cushions to create informal and boho style picnic areas, putting together homemade yurt like day tents and cracking open the Tupperware and wicker baskets brimful with homemade treats, snacks and smoothies. 
Whilst going boho about things and getting back to nature is both fun and freeing, this sense of fun and oneness with the great outdoors tends to end quite abruptly when it comes to needing the loo. Nobody, after all, enjoys going old school or retro when it comes to going to the toilet. 
Hence, luxury washrooms are definitely a must have at any outdoor party – especially at an event where food is being passed around as our luxury toilet facilities provide as standard washroom facilities where people can wash their hands before and after eating in style and comfort. Not only will this keep the bugs such as wasps away, it will also and importantly keep the germ-causing bugs at bay too. 

Outdoor Corporate and Team Building Events 

A craze begun, perhaps unsurprisingly, in the USA but which is gaining ground now here in the UK and in fact being embraced by all manner of companies is the outdoor and often sport orientated work day out or team building event. 
Often reminiscent of old school sports days, one of the issues with such events is that they are often held a distance from the nearest public bathroom facilities as the idea is to shirk the convenience and distractions of modern living and get to know and trust your colleagues more. 
Then, to ensure a cooperate outdoors event doesn’t end up with everyone simply bonding over having had to brave to use a dreaded portable loo, why not suggest to your employer, boss, company or sponsor to provide some Mitanium Washrooms? 

More Ideas and Inspiration When Planning an Outdoor Event 

For inspiration as to how to decorate or kit out an outdoor space intended to be used for an outdoor party or event, head over to the Pinterest website where you can browse hundreds of outdoor event themes and ideas. 
If you are planning an event and have any questions about getting the details right, then please do not hesitate to get in touch – and find out how your next event can run as smoothly as possible with the help of our luxury toilet hire. 
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