If you are planning a sizeable event, one of the hardest things to get right is ordering the correct temporary toilets. Portable toilets can say as much about your event as your marquee or your decorations so it is important to get it right, whatever tone you are aiming for. Here at Mitanium Washrooms we know our paper towels from our Dyson Air blades, so that’s why we have put together these tips on why it is always better to go for luxury toilets rather than your bog standard portable toilets. 
As alluded to in the introduction, the standard of your toilets can say as much about your event as your decorations. Say for example you are having an outdoor wedding and you need to organise some toilets for the many guests. Because it is a wedding, chances are it is a beautiful occasion, with trees lined with fair lights, delightful table and flower arrangements and of course everyone is dressed immaculately. 
With everything looking so fantastic the last thing you really want is your well dressed guests scrambling into a narrow, plastic and unlit standard portable toilet. The idea of weddings is to create a magical day for all involved, so the last thing everyone needs to catch a glimpse of is the beautiful bride struggling in and out of one of these monstrosities. Instead, keep it consistent and go for something luxury such as our Logic Range or add a rustic feel with our Canaba Range


Whether you are planning an event as high end (and ultimately expensive) as a wedding or you are holding a village beer festival, the comfort of a toilet as good as yours at home is important. There are few things worse than turning up to an outdoor event, big or small, to find that everyone will be sharing a couple of smelly, small and unhomely portable loos. 
The very least you can do as an organiser is get toilets which people will feel comfortable to go to, so opting for luxury loos will certainly do that. Our range of luxury toilets have glass sink basins, chrome taps, wooden toilet seats and large mirrors. Spending any longer in a toilet like this and you tend to forget you are in a portable toilet which is probably one of the best compliments you could get from guests. 

The Gender Divide 

As a sweeping generalisation, it would be fair to say that men will put up with worse toilet conditions than women. Obviously this in large has a lot to do with how each gender go to the toilet. Therefore, it is a nightmare For women especially when attending an outdoor event to find the only toilet facilities are a small number of shared portable loos. 
As anyone who has ever been to a music festival will know, shared toilets can be a bit of an abomination, so why put your guests through those same terrible conditions when hosting your own event. Our range of luxury toilets come with separate male and female options, created to specifically cater to the needs of either. 
You’ve got your event sorted, but can the same be said for your toilets? Whatever event you have planned, we can help ensure your visitors have access to only the best luxury toilets and washrooms. Check out our range today. 
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