We now often get charged a pretty hefty price to even get into the loos, so is it wrong to expect cleaner, fresher cubicles? Okay, so it’s only 50p some of you might say, but we’re paying to do something our bodies are naturally programmed to do – so having high standards is pretty acceptable wouldn’t you say? We’d always ensure our luxury toilets are kept in pristine condition so we certainly know what we should be expecting to see when we spend a penny in a public toilet! 
We surveyed two thousand members of the British public and asked, ‘what is your number one pet peeve when using public toilets? 

To Summarise: 

Topping the list is having no toilet paper left when getting into a cubical, with 30% of people choosing this as their number one pet peeve. Not surprisingly, women complained most about this. 
Coming up a close second with 25% is a wet seat. It seems too many people aren’t cleaning up their sprinkle after a tinkle! 
Making it into the top three, a dirty bowl with 19% not too happy with other people’s mess! And the main culprits? Sorry guys, men complained most about this one. 
Of course not every one is perfect, but it seem many people are forgetting one of the golden rules of visiting the toilet… Quite shockingly 15% of people complained about others not washing their hands after visiting the loo! 
Next in line? Other people talking, with 3% of people not happy to make conversation whilst waiting to go… Funnily enough, men are more bothered by this, with women choosing this as their least annoying thing about public toilets. 
Coming in the at the bottom of the list, all with 3% is queue jumpers, people using their phones and waiting for the hand dryer. 
If you are planning an event and have any questions about getting the details right, then please do not hesitate to get in touch – and find out how your next event can run as smoothly as possible with the help of our luxury toilet hire. 
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