So, you have been tasked with finding the best event toilet hire solution. Regardless of the type of event it will be used at, many people don’t particularly enjoy using mobile toilets. However, they don’t have to be nearly as ghastly as you may expect. 
Here we’re going to share some easy ways to make even the dullest looking porta potty look like the most luxurious and classy toilet you have ever seen (or something very close to that!). 

Decorate The Exterior 

The outside of a hired toilet is normally a very plain and metallic looking blue – not really something you’d expect a bride or VIP guest to get excited about. However, by decorating the outside even just a little, you can transform that practical looking portable toilet into a special space that will blend in with the rest of your event. 
By simply adding some potted plants at either side of the door and a welcome mat underneath it, you can make it look more inviting instantly. 

Make Use of Decorative Lighting 

Lighting isn’t usually particular good in many portable toilet hire solutions. It’s often dark and poorly lit, adding to the discomfort using one can make you feel. Why not fix that by decorating the inside of the toilet with some quaint paper lanterns, or even some LEDs or Christmas tree-style lights? 
These are incredibly easy to hang up or attach with hooks, and can really make a difference to the user experience – without adding much in terms of additional cost. 


Whether it’s a wedding or a business conference, everyone in attendance at your event will want to look their best. That means they need to see themselves, and what is often missing from portable toilets? Mirrors. By investing in a simple adhesive backed mirror, with a funky and stylish design, you can quickly elevate that hired toilet into something a bit more special – and significantly more practical. 

Coats and Purse Hangers 

Portable toilets don’t often provide you with a sanitary space to lay a jacket, coat or even just put your purse, wallet or bag down while you use the facilities. By adding simple hooks on one of the walls opposite the actual toilet system though, you are instantly making the temporary toilet feel more like a genuine toilet – and making it seem far more luxurious. 

Essential Toiletries 

Following on nicely from the above, you can make even the plainest porta potty feel like a hotel en-suite by supplying some essential toiletries on a little ledge. Including some nice hand soap, facial wipes, breath mints and some nice hand towels can go a long way to make your guests feel more comfortable and pampered. 
If you’re interested in hiring luxury mobile toilets for your next event, then let us do all of the hard work for you. Get in touch with our team for more information. 
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