VIP Toilet Hire 

Are you looking to impress your guests? If so, every detail counts. Luxury toilet hire and VIP washroomsensure that every element of youe event stans out, and leaves a lasting impression on guests. Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or an expansive event, VIP toilet hire is a must for a memorable evening- with something to suit all shapes, sizes and styles of venue. 

VIP Washroom Areas 

Searching for the perfect washroom for your VIP area? Whether it’s for a wedding, festival, award show or film set, your VIP clients will expect a clean and welcoming washroom environment. We pride ourselves on providing the best in luxury toilets and washrooms for VIP events. Give your very important clients the very best in exceptional services. 
We have selected and designed a series of washrooms that both are customisable and second to none in design, manufacture and reliability. Our system is a premier choice for events right across the UK and Europe, including intimate VIP experiences, and large scale VIP venues. 
We can custom fit and design our VIP bathrooms and washrooms to your specification, before seamlessly slotting them into your plot. Their design means they can be installed in a variety of structures, connected to other buildings and facilities, or installed as a stand-alone feature. 
Logic range urinals
Logic Range- Interior 
Logic range sinks
Logic Range- Interior 
Canaba range urinal
Canaba Range- Exterior 
Canaba range sinks
Canaba Range- Interior 
Albus disabled pod
Fresca Range- Accessible Pod 
Albus range toilet
Fresca Range- Interior 

VIP Washrooms With A Difference 

Make sure you are providing only the finest experience for your VIPs, leaving them with the finest impression of your event. Going the extra mile to ensure they feel valued and taken care of can make or break an event. Give yourself the best reputation for world class treatment, and opt for our VIP Washroom Hire. 
Our VIP toilet and washrooms contain fresh flushing systems, stainless steel bowls, internal wash stations, as well as stunning lighting and mirrors. We have bespoke decorated options, so you can match your event vibe, including the Logic, the Albus, and the Canaba

Why Hire A Bathroom? 

It’s not just about being able to use the loo conveniently (although that is a biggie!), it’s also about making sure that your guests can wash their faces, check their make up, remove any over-exuberant champagne spillages from their front and whatever else the night brings! 
Whilst we primarily offer luxury toilets in London and luxury toilets in Kent, our ‘Logic‘ and ‘Canaba‘ ranges are available across the UK and ask you to simply get in touch with us using the quick quote request form below or to call us on 0800 2800 246 to discuss your needs and requirements in a little more depth with one of our team. In the meantime, why not view our recommended wedding toilet ranges 
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