There are officially less than 100 sleeps left before Christmas 2016. Hence, and recognising the need to get organised, here at Mitanium Washrooms we have compiled a lo-down of 5 top tips for throwing the perfect Corporate Christmas Party, and here they are. 

Escape the Office 

There are instances when holding the Christmas corporate party at a workplace is not appropriate, or in some cases safe. Going to the effort of escaping the office or your workplace when holding a corporate party is also worth at least considering though because getting out of the office can feel like getting out of your workwear; people suddenly feel free to be more at ease, relaxed and are consequently likely to be up for more fun and getting stuck into whatever might be going on. 
Hence, if it happens to snow, a literal snowball fight or snowman building competition needn’t be out of the question. But whether it turns out a white Christmas or not, for businesses with adventurous, active or just plain up for it staff, hold your own winter Olympics in the great outdoors. 
Here at Event Washroom we can provide the luxury toilet facilities, meanwhile, other equipment worth taking along include a football, cones, bats and cricket ball and any simply sporting equipment you might want or need for your chosen activities. From sack races to a game of five aside, whilst it might be cold outside this is no reason to stay indoors – and the cold might just tease those standing on the side lines to get involved. 

Call in the Elves…We Mean Experts 

Whether you decide to refer the responsibility of putting together the perfect corporate Christmas party or day to the likes of an expert team such as those at Creative Team Events or go DIY, there are experts at hand to help with every aspect wherever you choose to hold or throw a corporate event from keeping it within the office to taking things into the great outdoors. To begin and to get started by ticking toilet and washroom facilities from your ‘list of event essentials’ give our team here at Mitanium Washrooms a call. 

Embrace Festive Fancy Dress 

Whilst many employees roll their eyes at the idea of a fancy dress corporate party, in reality fancy dress is a great idea; especially when a corporate event or party is being held where staff work, it can be difficult to get a team to unwind or switch into fun mode. Fancy dress then takes both the pressure off staff who worry about what to wear, whether they’ll be judged by their colleagues and prevents staff members from bearing a little too much or arriving inappropriately dressed. It also makes it impossible to take the evening too seriously and makes holding a ‘best dressed’ competition possible. And when there are prizes to be won not only is a better turn out guaranteed, but a better and more imaginative class of outfits are too. 

Pre-Christmas Christmas Dinner 

A traditional alternative to a party is for staff to go out together at a local restaurant. Formal, very British and an excuse to have Christmas dinner twice over, a corporate Christmas meal can also prove a great way of getting the staff together to celebrate Christmas when a team ranges in age and personalities. After all, everybody loves a Christmas dinner. Meanwhile, not every employee is likely to enjoy being asked to partake in or attend a work winter Olympics, dressing as a snowman, building one or being coaxed onto the dance floor. 

‘Tis the Season… 

…to be kind spirited and share good will. 
Then, one very special alternative to the standard corporate Christmas party is to consider spreading some real festive cheer by organising a corporate volunteer day or charity event. Not only will this potentially drum up new business for your company and provide staff with a fun filled day to end the working year, it will also serve the community and potentially help to raise money or provide services for those in need this Christmas. 
So, to get into the true spirit of Christmas either give the corporate volunteer ideas featured on the Time Bank Organisation website a look or get together with staff to drum up ideas and plan a fantastic fundraising event for your community. And you can do so safe in the knowledge that for outdoor fundraisers, here are Mitanium Washrooms we have the washroom facilities covered and are happy to provide corporate Christmas party and event organisers with a quick quote , free of charge. 
If you are planning an event and have any questions about getting the details right, then please do not hesitate to get in touch – and find out how your next event can run as smoothly as possible with the help of our luxury toilet hire. 
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