If there was ever a reason to hire luxury toilets for your event, it’s reading up on just some of the many festival toilet horror stories which you won’t struggle to find online! From major festivals through to smaller events, we all know someone whose had a bad experience with a loo and we’ve scoured the web to bring you our favourite five festival toilet horror stories: 

Man Climbs Into Toilet To Look For Drugs 

Festivals and drugs produce some strange results, however few are as bizarre as the man who, at Oregon County Fair, climbed into a toilet to look for his next hit! We’re not sure what his reaction was when drugs were the last thing which he found, however if you’re doubting whether this actually happened, simply take a look at the picture from the happening: 

Girl Gets Head Stuck Down Festival Toilet 

Quickly becoming known as ‘poo girl,’ one unlucky festival goer got her head stuck down a toilet in 2009, having to be removed by a fire crew. She had reportedly lost her handbag down the loo and was doing her best to fish it out when she became stuck. If you’ve ever attended a major music festival with bog standard (excuse the pun) toilets, you’ll know what an unpleasant experience this must have been! 

Man Found Hiding Under A Toilet Seat 

At the Hanuman Yoga festival in Boulder, Colorado back in 2012, one unfortunate woman lifted the toilet seat to find a man hiding under there. We’re fairly sure this guy wasn’t looking for drugs, however. Upon fleeing, the man was later arrested and labelled a pervert. It’s strange what some people do for enjoyment at a festival isn’t it! 

Toilet Truck Blows Not Sucks At Glastonbury 1998 

During Glastonbury Festival 1998, the infamous mud was at it’s height and organisers thought it wise to bring in a toilet truck to suck up the mud. Unfortunately, the truck was set to blow rather than suck and you can only imagine what happened next! 

Madness Trap Calvin Harris In Festival Toilet 

At Camp Bestival a few years back, ska legends Madness thought it would be funny to trap DJ Calvin Harris in a toilet. It’s safe to say Calvin didn’t see the funny side and wasn’t best impressed! It’s reported that festival boss Rob-Da-Bank was forced to intervene and keep the peace! 
As you can see; there’s been some fairly horrendous festival toilet experiences in recent years, however there’s every chance you’ve got your own stories to tell. Of course, if you’re in the process of planning an event or festival, why not spare your guests these bad experiences and go for the luxury option
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